Three views of my Vespa Granturismo 200 (GT200) outfitted with a GIVI 350 (35 liter) “Flow” top-case.

This is a short, quicky page whose sole purpose is to encapsulate the three photos shown.

GT200 Side View

The side view of the Vespa GT200 with the GIVI top-case attached.

The case is attached using the generic, universal, base plate. Since the base plate brackets were designed to fit around simple chromed tubing while the Vespa has a shaped, two-piece, casting I had to obtain cap screws of twice the length of those GIVI supplied. I also obtained a canister of PlastiDip and covered the bracket clamps with the material; this to reduce the scratching inherent in trying to fit a bar curved to fit around a tube up against a flat surface.

GT200 Front Quarter View

A view from the left front quarter.

GT200 Rear Quarter View

Finally, the view from the right rear quarter. I do have the accessory brake light kit installed in the case, but haven't had the courage yet to remove panels so I can tap into the brake light wiring. I think I can feed the wires in via heat exhaust vents located just below the rear of the seat, and then down between the fuel tank and inner spray-guard/fender.

Pity I didn't take a straight on view from behind. The GIVI case is just about the same width as the “wasp tail” fenders.


Only a week after the above photos were taken, the Vespa no longer looks as pristine.

I was test fitting a MotoTote m3 hauling ramp, and had the Vespa fall off to the side. Nasty scratches on the rear fender, along with some flat spots in the metal work. Time to see if the dealer does body work... More, see if my insurance will cover some of the work, since I'm paying for comprehensive with $100 deductible.

Worst is that I won't be able to use the m3 until I fit some lights to it; the scooter blocks the view of the Jeep Cherokee tail lights. Also need to have some air adjust shocks put on the Jeep, as the loaded ramp drops the rear, measured at the hitch, by four inches.

The pain of it

Dennis Lee Bieber