Wulfraed's Closet

(Dennis Lee Bieber)

Containing all the stuff that doesn't really fit my other sites.

Apologies for the state of this site. I've only started formalizing things given the eminent demise of the Dueling Modems service, which had hosted my primary home page.

Depending upon what you seek, the following related sites may be of interest:

The Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery is a collection of, what else, photographs. The contents tend to vary as the whim strikes me, although for much of the last decade the contents were selections taken from business trips to the UK. I no longer work in that position, so I do not expect to have such photos appearing in the future. In the meantime, feel free to look at photos from my last trip. Warning: There are approximately 25 images on this page, each of 640x480 pixels. Load time on dial-up may exceed 7 minutes.

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